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Color Yellow
Age 18
Status Determinant by player choices

Michael is Alex's, pre-game, deceased brother as well as Clarissa's boyfriend. Before leaving for college, Alex wanted to go swimming with him for the last time. He drowned while swimming in the lake.

Michael is voiced by Anthony Lam.


Michael is seen as a model student, a football player, well loved and the one to give the speech at graduation. He is a caring brother, seen as how he treats Alex and even requires her blessing to leave for College and live on his own with Clarissa.

Official BioEdit

Alex's older brother. Basically the perfect sibling, he's supportive, affable, funny, willing to protect his little sister but not overprotective. She considers him her guide post for what's to come, a job he enjoys.


Michael looks similar to Alex, with the same dark skin and brown eyes. His hair is brown like hers before dying. He wears a blue raglan shirt with brown pants and white sneakers.




In some of the endings, it is possible to save Michael from drowning, all the player must do is convince Michael to go to College in his own town. All that is required is to not give him blessing when asks for it to live on in New York with Clarissa.

These endings cause Michael to replace Jonas in all the events that involved him, including the pictures taken with him.

Save relationship and MichaelEdit

The chat bubbles give Alex many possibilities when speaking with Michael, one is to encourage him to go to college in town, but keep his relationship with Clarissa. To do so, you would have to talk well of Clarissa while in the beach time loop with Michael a year prior.

Save MichaelEdit

This ending results in Michael being saved, but he and Clarissa will no longer be in a relationship. To achieve this ending, Alex will have to discourage Michael of doing anything with Clarissa and/or speak badly of her on the beach.

Save Michael and Sacrifice ClarissaEdit

By achieving this ending, Michael is saved, but his relationship is nonexistent. He still replaces Jonas in this ending as well.


  • In the ending where you sacrifice Clarissa, Michael tells Alex his last ex-girlfriend was Kristin.

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