Color Green
Age 17-18
Status Alive

Jonas is Alex's new step-brother and is deuteragonist to Oxenfree.

Jonas is voiced by Gavin Hammon.

Personality Edit

Official Bio Edit

Alex's new step-brother. Wiser than his years with a mordant wit, he's had a slightly rough life and carries the hint of a mysterious past (there are rumors that he's been arrested, but the details of his supposed crime are unknown). Still missing his mother who succumbed to cancer, he isn't quick to open up to new people, though is at his core a good-natured boy who can be extraordinarily loyal when he trusts you.

Appearance Edit

Jonas is about the same height as Clarissa, taller than most of the other characters. He wears a beanie that conceals his short brown hair, and has green/brown eyes and fair skin. He wears a red hoodie with an ash brown hood, and a green army jacket over it, along with purple pants and sneakers. He also wears a necklace with a golden ring around his neck.

Background Edit

Jonas once lived in Westedge near North Valley, he dislikes his hometown as everyone seems to be either a farmer or a banker with none of them seeming to be doing well. Still, he will take offense if Alex is particularly negative about where he is from. His family went on vacation to Missouri every year, on his mother's insistence. However, these trips were not particularly enjoyed by Jonas.

It is implied that Jonas may have had run-ins with the law prior to moving. He jokingly refers to himself as a "klepto" and is shown to be able to pick locks. When asked, he claims to have never been in jail, but later on will admit to Alex that he did spend time in a juvenile detention facility after throwing a baseball at a kid who made fun of his mother's terminal illness.

Jonas's mother died of cancer which led to his father being widowed. Sometime later his father met Alex's mother and they got married, making Alex his new step-sister. Jonas and his father moved to Alex's hometown of Camena just before the game begins, with Jonas and Alex first meeting when they go to Edwards Island together.

It is implied that Jonas is slightly insecure in terms of his intelligence possibly due to his background, asking Alex if she thinks Jonas is an "idiot slacker". He will also say he's not as smart as the two of them (Ren and Alex), when he is generally disapproving towards the barnyard story that reveals Alex skipping an aptitude test.

Relationships Edit

  • Alex - Having just recently met each other and becoming family due to Jonas's father and Alex's mother's marriage, Jonas and Alex are somewhat wary of each other. Jonas tries to be friendly and accommodating to Alex given their situation, even asking questions and wanting to know more about Alex's previous life, in which Alex can respond positively or negatively. Depending on the choices made by the player, Jonas and Alex can become closer and see each other as truly brother and sister, or remain distant. In addition, Alex has the ability to choose whether or not Michael stays in town and thus is "resurrected", negating the step-sibling relationship with Jonas, but still having the option to bond with Jonas as a friend or "other-brother".
  • Ren - Being Alex's best friend Ren and Jonas seem to get along fair in the beginning. However, later after meeting up with him and Nona at Harden Tower, they begin to argue and blame each other for why they are in their current situation. Jonas labels Ren as the "resident burnout" after he finds out about Ren taking a second pot brownie to "level him out".
  • Nona - Via certain dialogue options of the game, Jonas will admit that he has a small crush on Nona. If pressed further, the two will end up getting along very well, and Jonas will even ask Nona out to a fancy steak dinner, much to Ren's chagrin. If these dialogue options are not chosen, the two of them will generally have a neutral friendship but will not interact very much in the game.
  • Clarissa - Jonas sees Clarissa as "intense" and bitter, due to Clarissa's frustration regarding Jonas's introduction as Alex's new step-brother in the beginning of the game. When trying to escape Edwards Island with Alex, he questions if she considers Clarissa a friend worth trying to help.

Endings Edit

Depending on the choice made by the player the game can end in multiple ways that affect Jonas' relationships.

Jonas and Alex stay distant Edit

Jonas and Alex will stay distant to each other if Alex has sided against him throughout the game. He will end up going to college in state to be closer to his father. They are said to see each other around family get-togethers but not much else.

Jonas and Alex become closer Edit

If Alex has sided with Jonas and supported his ideas throughout the game, then they will become closer as step-siblings. Jonas will later go on to introduce Alex as his sister, rather than just a step-sister.

Jonas is no longer Alex's step-brother Edit

It is possible to save Michael from drowning and thus cause Jonas to no longer be Alex's step-brother, as her parents never divorce and never go on to remarry different partners. Jonas will still have been on the island, invited by Ren after meeting at school, and can still become close or stay distant with Alex.

Trivia Edit

  • He doesn't know how to ride a horse.
  • When describing his ideal girl, it is revealed that the characteristics fit exactly with Carmen Sandeigo.
  • One song that is played during the game is titled "Lost", which is a song that Jonas's mother used to listen to. Jonas is certain that the humming in the song is his mother's voice.
  • It's possible that Jonas had a sheltered childhood, due to the fact that he doesn't understand a lot of pop culture references (such as Scrappy-Doo and Little House on the Prairie).

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