Colonel Caleb EdwardsEdit

Edwards Island, named in honor of Colonel Caleb Edwards, was gifted to Edwards for his part in the American-Indian Wars after 1890. After his death, the government took control of the island at the outset of World War 2. [1]

It has been claimed that Colonel Edwards was honored for his slaughtering of countless families during the ethnic cleansing of the American-Indian Wars. [2]

Marianne BozekEdit

Marianne Bozek was a civilian who worked on Edwards Island developing communications protection. Her primary office was located in the Data Command Annex in Discovery Cliffs. Bozek is known as the inventor of the Wave Assisted Lock (WAL) system – a radio frequency identification system allowing personnel to unlock prescribed locks using portable two-way radios. [3]

Marianne Bozek is described by Maggie Adler as a kind, humble woman. Bozek helped Adler decode messages from the ghosts of the USS Kanaloa Crew. Marianne Bozek told Maggie she corresponded with a man named Calvin, who died on the Kanaloa. Despite this, Maggie suspected Bozek did not believe the messages were truly from the sunken Kanaloa. [4]

Lieutenant James Earle PlatmanEdit

Lieutenant James Earle Platman was the first commanding officer of the USS Kanaloa. The USS Kanaloa was commissioned into service under his command on January 15th, 1941. [5]

Major Richard “Dick” HardenEdit

Major Richard “Dick” Harden was a communications officer in the communications tower on Edwards Island. Harden was the tower’s longest-tenured radioman, serving for 8 years. In 1988 the tower was re-designated from Site 82 to Harden Tower in his honor. [6]

Lieutenant Peter HasboroEdit

Lieutenant Peter Hasboro is known for sculpting the Sentry. The Sentry was installed in Epiphany Field in 1979, following an anonymous petition started by Maggie Adler in 1975.[7]

Colonel Tim RussellEdit

Colonel Tim Russell would often take walks and sketch the wildlife in the woods, west of his barracks. He led a petition to have the land federally protected in 1974, and the petition passed in 1988. Edwards Island then became an internationally-recognized wildlife refuge and bird sanctuary. [8]

Lieutenant Commander Matthew FineburgEdit

Lieutenant commander Matthew Fineburg is known for implementing the Call and Response system to prevent tampering with the base's automatic safety measures. [9]


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